After playing a couple of matches against you guys,  I havea few useful bits of information:

1) If you want your mebas to fight ( ie you intend to win) you need to have Mebas with Antibody type mutations, as those can do damage.

2) Its almost as important as the above, is to have a Detector type mutation, as otherwise Mebas can only detect stuff, including hostile mebas, at a range of 1 tile, which makes them very short sighted. And if my mebas can see and shoot your mebas from 4 times the distance, then you dont really stand a chance!

3) Of course this doesnt mean that ALL mebas should have detector+antibody, for example depending on the map you could have a some “economic” types of mebas, that produce Waste, which can in turn be turned into more food, and feed “fighter” types of mebas

– Martin