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Mebas V 0.96 released!

This is an awesome release!
There are no new features, however there has been a massive improvement in the gameplay performance.
We are talking about +50-100% or even200%, which means that a 3-4 player ( including 2v2 ) multiplayer mode is definitely a possibility… stay tuned!

Bug fixes:
– sometimes the server didn’t let players know they won/lost the game
– on crowded maps, sometimes mebas disappeared in the top left corner


Some tips for newbies!

After playing a couple of matches against you guys,  I havea few useful bits of information:

1) If you want your mebas to fight ( ie you intend to win) you need to have Mebas with Antibody type mutations, as those can do damage.

2) Its almost as important as the above, is to have a Detector type mutation, as otherwise Mebas can only detect stuff, including hostile mebas, at a range of 1 tile, which makes them very short sighted. And if my mebas can see and shoot your mebas from 4 times the distance, then you dont really stand a chance!

3) Of course this doesnt mean that ALL mebas should have detector+antibody, for example depending on the map you could have a some “economic” types of mebas, that produce Waste, which can in turn be turned into more food, and feed “fighter” types of mebas

– Martin

Version 0.955 out!

The next version of Mebas is out! With some really cool new features:

Bug Fixes:
–  too many to list!

New Features:
– Full screen mode!
– WASD + Arrow key controls for scrolling around the map
(especially useful if you are moving an army of mebas across to your enemy, you dont have to switch away from the Influencer mode)
– be able to hide ALL Interfaces entirely ( hotkey M – this was requested many times )
– Hunter mutation works on hostile mebas ( they get paralyzed and unable to move or attack )
– Intelligence works on projectiles shot by hostile mebas
– Hunter and Antibody projectiles now carry their player’s colors
– Network stats button, to see who is lagging the game!
– in-game chat ( Just press Enter any time if you have something to say)
– everyone gets one free Antibody V3, this is something you could get for free from the surprise object if you waited, but some people had problems with being overrun by viruses before…

MultiPlayer! (Finally)

Version 0.95 is out, which means, Yes, Multipalyer!This is the first beta version, so I suspect it wont be super stable, but it should give you guys an idea what its  going to be like when its properly done with all the features.

Right now, it only supports 1v1 and with a single map only, no ranking and with in-game chat disabled. Later it should support up to 4 players in a 2v2 setup and loads more!

First Multiplayer version