Another milestone release, with loads of cool new additions and fixes!

New Features

– 2v2 Game play mode. Just choose 2v2 on the create Game dialog

– Multiplayer player skill Ranking system, after each multiplayer match players get their score updated( will be used for a future Match making system, and also as a feedback as of how well you are doing )

– new placable Category for Single and Multi Player: Pathogens, so you can place viruses or Bacteria into your lab (or into your opponent’s in Multiplayer, which makes more sense!)

– Live mixing of mutations into Mebas in Multiplayer! You can drop in mutations live while playing against an opponent in a Multiplayer match!

– New Opening screen ( making clearer the multiplayer nature of the game )

– Minimap: every RTS has to have one! ( Leave Game moved under what used to be NETWORK STATS)

– updated the Video & Tutorials to reflect the changes

– Visit Community button (under the Tech  options)

Bug Fixes:
– Improved network code, the multiplayer should run a lot smoother and more responsive
– Music does load on Facebook in all cases
– bug of giving players extra items after multiplayer is fixed
– Moving while Paused bug
– misc minor bugs